Cincinnati Outdoor Living Defined!

Cincinnati Outdoor Living is so much more than just a fire pit and a few chairs. Using your outdoor space to enhance your living experience is what we specialize in. Adding a Struxure Outdoor louvers roof, an outdoor kitchen, retractable screens, outdoor heaters, outdoor cooling, outdoor furniture, fireplaces, outdoor gas grills and smokers or something as simple as a fire pit, we can help design the outdoor living environment of your dreams! 

When designing a Cincinnati Outdoor Living area, there are a few things to consider.

Q. First, what would you like to use the space for?

     A. Relaxing? Grilling? Eating? Entertaining? Partying? 

Q. Who will enjoying your space with you?

     A. Both numbers of people as well as identifying who, will they be friends, family, neighbors or even business guests?

Q. What time of the year will the outdoor space be used?

     A. Will your space be used only during spring through fall or would you like to use it as much as possible?

Q. Will you require privacy?

     A. The use of retractable screens as both shade and privacy blocks, is a great benefit.

Q. Will making the space temperature comfortable be a need?

     A. With the use of evaporative coolers (Turbo Coolers) and radiant heaters, we can help moderate very hot and very cold outdoor environments. 

Q. Will insects and bugs be a problem?

     A. Retractable screens that are insect screen material are available. 

As you can see, by answering these very basic questions, our design speciali